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making a premade vs. not doing so has nothing whatsoever to do with pvping correctly. fyi: there be some horrid premades that definitely don't pvp "correctly."
i was referring to them as separate conditions. didnt mean for them to appear linked because yes i have found myself in groups with guild that runs with 5 all the time and i can honestly say i have never won a game when they are in it because they are all that bad. then if you call them out on it they blame you even if you score is better than all 5 of them combined :\
what it should have looked like is
1. make a premade to counter theirs - voice chat helps clearly
2. l2pvp correctly - go for the objective and take charge l2tell others to do something.

when you call out something people follow that lead and start to all as well i have noticed. also do NOT rely on others to mark healers. the second you see a dedicated healer mark that bastard and also mark any bubble stunners, that way you can focus them as well before the bub-stuns get rediculous.
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