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So after reading and hearing the banter of how bad mercs are at PvP (being mostly involved in PvP in all games) I've decided to try to make an effective mercenary in ranked WZs as I have played many classes as well as the mercenary to 50 and I see much potential. I'm curious your thoughts and advice to assist me on attempting to play this class in pvp as a DPS spec effectively.

You're going to need a LOT of combat awareness, and always be ready to move and LOS enemies. Sweeping Blasters is great for interrupting caps, but it is very expensive, so spamming it is prohibitive.

Merc animations draw a lot of attention (especially Death From Above), but if the enemy's ever grouped up just begging for it, by all means throw it out. You have a TON of AOE, and if the enemy's just going to stand there and make things easy for you, use it - DFA, Fusion Missile. Maybe Sweeping Blasters, but by that point you might be better off single-targeting, as they'll be burning and you can use your Rail Shot.

Heal yourself when necessary. Cure any Physical/Tech dots you get (burns, bleeds, poisons).

I've heard that tossing both Explosive Dart and Thermal Detonator on the same target can make for a VERY satisfying explosion and there's not much they can do about it.

I admittedly haven't done Pyro myself, but those are my experiences from playing a Merc in PVP in general.

Don't forget Thermal Sensor Override and Power Surge. No other class has utility tools quite like those.