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02.19.2013 , 01:11 AM | #2221
Just thought I'd drop my 2 cents in on this topic.

To clear a few things up:

*I am part of a PvP guild
*I solo queue most nights until about 10pm my time (as that is when kids are in bed and I am able to play for a while without AFKing)
*I regularly see people from other PvP guilds solo queueing almost as often as I see them in groups.

This is my perspective on this whole issue, but feel it has been lost somewhere in the QQ about premades. The main reason why I joined a PvP guild and like grouping with like-minded people is not because I like to 'roflstomp' people or make their gaming experience a nightmare but it is because playing on the team of the god awful mouthbreathers is like smashing my face against a brick wall; not fun in the slightest.

I honestly believe most genuine people who play and enjoy PvP do it for the challenge; but those same people when they are forced to group with the absolutely atrocious won't continue to play. And, I am sad to say it, but most people who complain about 'premades' (case in point this one from last night while PuGing someone thought it a great idea to comment 'Damn those XXXXXX [insert premade group's guild name] cross-healing each other' - as if healing is a no-no or something) are the terribads that those in premades are trying to avoid.

Logically, if they are running in a group of 4 they only need to worry about carrying 4 of the bads instead of 6-7.

Additionally, many of you are likely wondering 'Why don't you just do ranked?'. Couple of reasons, really: time, harder to have 8 people of the right class balance and make-up to form a team (yes, certain classes / specs are preferable over others ... it's not all get 8 people and run rated situation), no teams to go up against - on my server there are few PvP guilds that do rated anymore as the player-base is so low and there is no cross-server queues so pride gets in the way after a few losses.

TL;DR Sometimes people run in 'premades' or groups of friends, as I like to call them, because they are trying desperately to minimize their chances of playing with the inept to save themselves the frustration.
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