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I think people who defend these repair costs simply underestimate the impact of casual gamers on the game.
I agree. I think I understand why some people here are defending the modified costs, but so far I haven't seen any new people/ casual players voice their opinion in support of this change. I think that is pretty indicative of how it is being received in general. For casual players, the game is simply less accessible. I consider myself a casual player; SWTOR is my first MMO. They never appealed to me, partially because almost none of my friends play video/computer games, and partially because I had the notion that MMOs are inevitably grind-based if you want to be competitive. I'm nearing the end of my two-month subscription, and I was on the fence about renewing. Perhaps my biggest gripes are that I feel like I am either being pushed to buy cartel coins (I DID get the $10 pack, now I feel stupid) or being pushed to grind. And in my opinion the game's story (while enjoyable) isn't good enough by itself to justify the money I paid for it. In order for to stay the game needs to be more accessible to me. These repair costs are designed for savvy and dedicated players; the time commitment and learning curve are too severe for casual players to really take part in the game. And while most of the people I've talked to in game are pretty cool cats, there are enough people that are intolerant of new and inexperienced players to make the game less accessible.

I don't think this breaks the game, but the cost of this change is players' time and the attitude toward newer players. Time learning to make credits more effectively, and then doing it- again and again and again. I've seen some here say the game just throws credits at you and that people need to just need to stop dinking around and start grabbing it. Fair enough. But it is a significant time investment nonetheless. Either becoming a worthwhile crafter, endlessly repeating daily missions, etc. And understandably, in regards to repair costs, players don't want to foot a hefty bill for others' mistakes. While I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed much of SWTOR, and $15/mo isn't much money, it still isn't accessible enough for me to personally justify paying for it; the portions I enjoy are too diluted with activities I find repetitive, boring, and now punishing. Now I feel like the rift between veteran players and casual players is just going to get bigger. I don't know how to make a perfect MMO (too accessible and you alienate veteran players, too steep a learning curve/time investment and you scare away casual players), but I feel like this fix was a step in the wrong direction. Also, I'm probably just not cut out for MMOs (I can just hear people telling me how much SWTOR holds my hand now compared to beta/such-and-such other mmo)