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This story doesn't make sense to me. First problem is that a raid member can't pull a dormant mob by healing someone. Second problem is that groups will generally not kick a tank under almost any circumstances because replacement q times are really long.

If memory serves, these are groups of robots, are they not? You weren't, by chance, stealthed, were you? Because if you're stealthed near robots, even outside of normal aggro range, that pulls them.

If I saw a tank stealth and pull two mobs of robots multiple times at the start of a flashpoint, lecture the healer and someone instituted a kick, I might vote yes, though more than likely, I'd have told you to quit stealthing near robots. Also, I'm not certain mercs even have a cc at 16.
I'll respond even though I already did 2 times on this issue. I was the 3rd furthest from the mob when they were pulled. The healer was the closest. The mob turned to him and killed him nearly immediately. He pulled the aggro. I cannot make it anymore simple than this. As to why I was voted, I can't tell you because I'm not them. Obviously, the healer was just trying to pass blame off himself. As to the DPS, maybe they thought it was my job to save him in some sort of super hero fashion, I don't know. Also, I didn't lecture the healer. He's the one who told me if I didn't know how to tank then don't and to let the adults play the game. I know how to play this game very well, I would not have created this post if I was unsure of exactly what happened. I tank endgame ops with my guardian. I think I'm all set with hammer station.