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02.18.2013 , 08:04 PM | #1043
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Doing the Ilum dailies and OPS has just become a very painfull investment of time AND BLOODY CREDITSSSSSSSS. Lost in one day alone 300K! That's more than doing all the dailies combined!
It's not even worth doing anything anymore besides grinding those dailies, with prices for high lvl items( barrels, mods, armoring, enhancements, etc..) you might as well go back f2p and pay some kid the same money you used for sub to do your dailies untill you feel like playing again. Even with the Guild Bank it's easy to store it there as f2p.

I hope they'll compensate this otherwise, screw this and bye bye another subscriber.
You've got me confused. You're willing to spend 1m+ credits to buy one enhancement/mod but you're not willing to spend 300k in an attempt to down a boss and get a piece of gear with an enhancement/armor/mod of equivalent level? Strange logic.