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02.18.2013 , 05:13 PM | #21
I've never understood the complaint of the undergeared player who is annoyed at not being taken to an operation.

When I was a fresh level 50, (right about the time 1.2 dropped) I never wanted to be the "picked last guy". So I read guides on the forum to get better at my class, learned typical raid pitfalls like breaking CC and wrong kill order, ran parses on my dps to get better, did plenty of dailies to get level 50 purples, and ran SM versions of Flashpoints to get better at mechanics.

This was a personal thing. I wanted to be sure that I was an asset rather than a liability.

So it really makes my teeth itch when I see the OP calling experienced players "Nazis" for kicking them from a pug.

Why not have some personal pride in your contribution to the group instead?