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02.18.2013 , 05:05 PM | #1035
Had a 73k repair bill after 5 attempts at hardmode Xeno boss on my campaign geared gunslinger. Had a 17k repair bill on my campaign geared scoundrel after only 2 attempts on Kephess doing hardmode explosive conflict. TFB is the only operations that kind of even outs the repair costs, but not if you spend many weeks trying to learn certain boss fights, After spending 2 hours trying to get the Terror down, the creds you get early on in TFB don't account for much. I barely have 100k on most of my toons because I can't spend all day doing dailies. That used to be enough to get through an operation with several wipes. The Operations are the only content I do now, if I can't do them I have no reason to sub.