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OK, just to summarize death scenarios - in case anyone wants to raise some counter arguments:

Revan: Xizor provides false information as to his whereabouts (some sort of isolated space station) and that it is heavily guarded. Revan decides to deal with Xizor personally to ensure no room for failure. However its all a trap, a large fleet converges on Revan's forces and IG-86 assassin droids infiltrate Revan's ship or Xizor has his fleet concentrate maximum firepower on Revan's flagship - either way it its destroyed and him with it.


  • Revan may not take the bait, he is cold and calculating and not one to fall into traps easily.
  • Xizor's fleet may not be enough to overwhelm Revan's forces, allowing Revan to escape (after destroying the gravity well generator) - this is possible given the fact that Revan may well have crippled Xizor's powerbase, and given that Revan and his underlings are far more tactically superior to Xizor's.
  • The IG-86 droids may fail to assassinate Revan, his ability in precognition and the heavily guarded nature of his flaghship (with droids designed to tackle boarding parties) may be enough to either facilitate Revan's escape or defeat the attackers.
  • Xizor has no way of knowing which ship is Revan's, all Interdictor's looked the same and Revan wasn't known to have commanded a Centurion at any point.

Xizor: Revan attacks and takes over a the IG-86 factory on Holowan and supplies Xizor with hacked droids (perhaps a 'new' model to ensure Xizor buys them) these droids flood Xizor's powerbase and locate the Prince then have Revan move his forces in to destroy him, undermining any attempts to escape.


Revan wages all out war on Xizor's powerbase, laying waste/capturing anything he can get his hands on, including Xizor's Palace on Coruscant. This has a detrimental effect on morale with Xizor's Vigos no longer liking the prospect of war with Revan. Revan approaches these Vigos and offers them money/power whatever if they usurp their leader. The Vigos, with Revan's help, have Xizor assassinated.


  • Xizor has an extensive intelligence network at his disposal which he could likely use to monitor the status of his suppliers, and the loyalty of his Vigos, alerting him to either one of Revan's schemes.
  • Xizor has survived assassination attempts before and could evade both attacks successfully, after which success would decrease dramatically.
  • The Vigos may be hesitant to betray there leader, knowing the repercussions will be harsh if they fail.
  • Xizor could ensure his location was not even known to his Vigos, so even if they did turn, they would be useless in helping Revan track down Xizor.

P.S. Oh and Aurbere the Vigo scenario is a possible one, the Black Sun was actually pretty cut throat. Xizor for example battled with another for the position of Vigo, all the while Xizor was planning to usurp the Black Sun leader and become leader himself. Meanwhile the Black Sun leader was scheming against Xizor because he saw him as a potential threat. Pretty cut throat, lots of scheming and backstabbing. After all how do you think the Black Sun Leader is chosen?