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02.18.2013 , 04:36 PM | #1033
The problem with increasing repair costs to drain credits from the economy is that it does not affect all players equally, and is a cost that cannot be avoided. It affects players that enjoy Ops the most, while affecting players that mostly PvP not at all. Also, people that play high-level ops cannot avoid repair costs -- you are going to wipe while learning hard mode ops, and wipe a lot. I pity the fools now trying to progress in hardmode EC where the credit drops are nil and all credits have to come from out-of-ops activities (like boring dailies!!!!!). At least in TFB the increased credit drops offsets some of the repair costs.

Pre-Cartel market, if Bioware wanted to drain credits from the economy, all they had to do was put up some unique items (like a white crystal), put outrageous prices on them, and then watch people voluntarily throw their credits away with little to no complaints. Now, with the cartel-market, Bioware wants people to spend real money on these same items and so draining credits this way is no longer very viable.

Bioware -- you need to be more creative at your credit-draining strategy than just by doubling or tripling repair costs (yes, I know it was a "Bug Fix" but it does not seem to have gone as intended). Come up with a way to drain credits that is voluntary, and that has the chance of affecting all players equally.

You have also tainted the 1.7 content -- instead remembering it as the day the Gree returned, people will remember it for the increased repair costs.