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I still want the progression up there. We're a legitimate group no less. u.u
I just think it would be a bit silly to have half of the 3/4 Republic groups to be Ascension groups, though I suppose they deserve the recognition. It's a difficult raid. Do with it what you will, Arashi. All three of these groups are autonomous and raid weekly with the following roster (Bisectors have 9 members). I'll supply the info:

Black Bisectors raid group (Melyn) 4/4 NM EC
Kirax, Threid, Melyn, Talynn, Mauduin, Skyblaze (Fera Intus), Tomap, Luminary, Danika

Shortbus Operations raid group (Xarthna) 3/4 NM EC
Xarthna, Scyn, Eline, Gunsmoke, Avoran, Graciel, Kaelefth, Tachikoma

Champion raid group (Fluxs/Ryd) 3/4 NM EC.
Fluxs, Ryd, Solarbased (The Revas Order), Azadeh, Desiirea, Vindycus, Cyllene, Lu'cius