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02.18.2013 , 03:40 PM | #2206
I've followed this thread for quite some time while playing and seldom see people ask the question:

If a half premade is fully maxed out in gear, why do they continue to play in non-ranked warzones?

Shouldn't non-ranked warzone be a segway to getting picked up in a guild/team that will play ranked wz for Champion, Centurion, or Battlemaster comms? Accumulation of those mentioned comms can only be obtained in ranked war zones.

To use the Analogy of High school :

Imagine the seniors weren't allowed to graduate and decided to repeatedly keep down freshman, sophomores, & juniors that tried to progress. It's a very Darwinian thing happening currently in the warzones. A ceiling has been reached and instead of taking the harder road of doing ranked wz's these well established premades farm the non ranked wz's. Yeah we don't mind when we get on their team on the rare occasion but more often we are facing them as opponents.

So that is my 2 cents. It doesn't insult anyone only puts a clear perspective on the current demographic of non-ranked warzones.

Devs: Embellish the reward/medal content of ranked and you will see threads like this fade away.