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to be fair, things don't seem to change from pts to live. I'm thinking of something as rudimentary as the pvp gear for bh/trooper getting screwed up between eliminator & medic/combat tech. I mean...really....if you don't fix obvious bugs that are obvious....well...obviously the pts isn't much use then, is it?
Noted. I still don't know why that one was allowed to go live but this datamined information is not even on the PTS and that's the point I am trying to make.

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When it comes to PvP, your best possible attitude would be one of skepticism and indifference. If you show signs that you care too much about balance, bioware will find a way to disappoint you. Look at the last patch, everybody already knew that after the release of 1.7, thursday, friday and saturday should be days of expecting maintenance. And we were right.

Although there is still a chance for expansion patch notes to put a big smile on my face if they give sniper passive stealth detection They can give melee ability to reflect my ambushes back at me, but if will be able to pull the annoying bastards out of stealth, i'll call it a day.
Yeah snipers could use an ability to negate the only class that is their real counter