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Not a bad guid. A couple of things tho, I believe they give you a token for 320,00 creds as soon as you hit 50 not sure if they changed that or not. Also a vid talking about how to min/max gear would be awesome. Im a pyrotech so if you could do this i will subscibe to your channel. Good vid
It's not quite a token, per se:

1) Go to the PvP Mission Terminal at your fleet.

2) Accept the mission "New Technologies."

3) Turn it back in at the mission terminal. Yes, really, you don't even have to go anywhere.

4) Reward: Select one of the Recruit gear-boxes, the one that is geared to your advanced class' talent-tree. (Example: my recently 50'ed BH/Merc/Arsenal would select the "Eliminator" box, as this is damage-biased.)

5) Right-click the box in your inventory --> take all --> bind on pick-up.

6) Queue up for WZ, and be prepared to die a lot, but you'll kill a lot too, and start the looooong slog for WH gear (blech :/)