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02.18.2013 , 01:24 PM | #1
I would like to start by saying that the repair costs in guild runs will hardly bother me as guild run wipes are usually kept to a minimum due to the fact I lead our guilds raids and are funded by guild repairs anyway.

I am the type of player that likes to help pugs and other guilds learn and develop their tactics on boss fights, when TFB HM came out I did not care about spending 5 hours from midnight till 5am on an alt char wiping over and over until I got a pug group to learn the tactics, this meant they could then teach others and pug groups for raids that people usually would not attempt then began to happen on our server.

After spending 3 hours in EC HM yesterday wiping on zorn and toth then firebrand and storm caller trying to teach people how to improve I end up with a total repair cost around the 350k mark.

Now I'm faced with the situation do I stop helping others with my alts and only raid with guild so I do not waste all my in game funds on repairs ? This to me seems a rather selfish thing to do .... the raiding community on my server will only lose if I chose this option, but its getting to the point where I am almost forced to do this.

Bioware devs ... are you trying to close the door for pug raids and inexperienced players with these new costs ?