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After reading half the comments ......

On my first char, when I was level 25, I needed to find some money to buy the Speeder Licence I. Yes, my credits were lower than 50K. So telling us "I have 300K on my level 20 char without farming" is just ..... a lit.

About the repair cost itself, no there are many MMO's without repairs. Most of them have gold sinks (pots are a possible example), but stop acting like if WOW was the only MMO, and like if Blizzard created everything.
Those sinks are necessary to counter the hyperinflation, but if they are too high, you're just killing the economy (and what happens IRL in Greece can show you an example).On my serveur, the stabilizers lost 20% of their value within a week (from 180 to 150K). And before the change, their value were decreasing slowy. What is happening is simple :
-People need money, they are selling stabs.
-The buyers have less money, they don't buy them at the previous price.
-The price are going down, they need to sell more stabs
-Repeat until a new equilibrium is found

About telling us to do more dailies, you are just funny like hell You need gold sinks BUT you tell us to create more gold in the game. Consequence : you'll need more sinks.

This change is slowy killing the economy, but feel free to like it you don't mind.
It's good to see someone who has at least a basic grasp of how a market economy works and how money supply effects it. BW really doesn't seem to think through there actions...ever.