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02.18.2013 , 12:43 PM | #1006
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The funny thing is that Bioware didn't even increase repair costs. All they did was get rid of a loophole that allows some people to inadvertently have lower costs than they should have.

I know this because I've long been noticing that orange shell items have much lower repair costs than purple shell items, even when the mods in them were exactly the same. So if you take the stuff out of your rakata/campaign/dreadguard gear and stick them into orange shells your repair bill gets cut by half. Which is what I did. But now they have fixed it so that the orange shell with the same mods cost the same.

They didn't increase cost, they removed a loophole. Friends of mine who didn't bother with swapping out for oranges are paying what they've always paid, they don't even notice an increase.
Except that player testing has shown that the "fix" they said they put in is not doing what they say it should be doing. We're also seeing many guilds complaining of multiple hundreds of thousands in repair bills per player per night. That's WAY out of whack with what it should be.