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You know when games are in beta tests, or have a demo, and they have ridiculous stuff that people already spotted and reported to the devs and yet 6 months -1 year later when the game is release the same broken stuff is still present?

What makes you think the datamined stuff isn't gonna be present in this game unchanged?
I have no clue, I do not work for bioware but I suppose I could answer with another question on how do you know that all these changes will make it into the game?

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They should buff the damage and survivability of assassins and make it so their sprint is like having force speed on all the time and give them a bubble like the sorc and...umm....slow all enemies by 50% in the 15m radius of a sin...and make all of their attacks crit all the time. Ohh! and I should be able to stealth at anytime with no cooldown and stealth should remove dots...yeah.

We need this to counter the terrifying commandos and thier grav rounds. They killed me once.