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02.18.2013 , 10:37 AM | #17
It really depends on the group, and the content, and the level of skill of the new player. Maybe in a full out pug group where nobody is really sure of one anothers' skill it would make sense to be hesitant about taking someone who is clearly under geared. A more confidant, over geared, guild group, filling a few spots might be more willing to give it a go. I can understand not wanting to take someone in 40 greens or whatever (recruit+ tionese is free and as far as I know the recruit gear can be equipped by f2p players playing with artifact equipment restrictions), but someone in their tionese gear at Lear knows where to start, and could potentially be a fresh alt of a really good player.

I mean I've been (and on some stuff still am) pulled through content that I wouldn't have had the chance to experience otherwise, and now that I have better gear and a stronger understanding of the fights I don't mind returning the favor and doing the pulling. I think that it's at least partially helpful to the community, and increases the pool of players who will be able to activley complete content later on (but only of there is some teaching involved at the same time). That said I can sympathize with the people who don't appreciate the expectation that they have to do just that. It is group content and its not really fair to hinder the other people by expecting them to pull you if you're not at least trying your best.