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Bah. I've decided I can't be doing with pug flashpoints at low levels any more because of Hammer Station. I'm levelling a Sage. Bear in mind this is a Chiss Sage in properly optimised and augmented level-appropriate blue mods so well able to cope with the content.

I go in, first group I mark CC on an elite and CC. A DPS jumps on my CC, the Vanguard tank doesn't have a clue how to pull threat, we wipe. I get told to "concentrate on healing from now on". We wipe on the first boss because the DPS are fannying about rather than burning down the boss. I run out of energy keeping them alive because I do not yet have my Noble Sacrifice and they're being damned stupid. We wipe. Tank leaves. I get blamed. Group falls apart.

I do ops on my Sorc healer. I have a Vanguard tank myself. I know how to play these classes! Life is too short to pug. Stupidity, not knowing the content or not knowing their class I can tolerate. Being a git and blaming other people I can't.
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