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Quote: Originally Posted by DallianWyrd View Post
Level up a toon without ever choosing an Advance Class.did this
Bonus Mission:
Stage 1 - Obtain Valor Rank 20
Stage 2 - Complete all Flashpoint Listed: did those
* Black Talon / The Esseles
* Hammer Station
* Athis
* Mandalorian Raiders
* Cademimu
* Boarding Party / Taral V
*The Foundry / Maelstrom Prison
Stage 3- Have at least one planet with Full Codex.did this, starting planet
Final Stage - Complete Boarding Party / Taral V and The Foundry / Maelstrom Prison in HARDMODE.

I've done it with a Jedi Knight.
I leveled a Smuggler with this. I usually get booted from the hardmode pug groups though. Has full HM space gear though to do dailies and rep. And, I have yet to complete Corellia/Ilum/Belsavis bonus series which will make it easy to level him to 55 when the level cap goes up.

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