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Wow. I mean just .. Wow.

I cannot believe those that defend this price increase. Pointing out that something was worse 10 months ago does not mean it's ok for them to "fix" the repair costs now. The game had finally caught momentum again, then this...

Most recent personal example: helped two relatively new guild players do LI caused 4 wipes and cost me 90k. We are casual players. I do BH and Section-X once or twice a week. I can't afford this if it keeps going.
They defend anything EA does. I don't know why.

Between 1.2 (repair cost decrease) and 1.7, none of them ever submitted a bug report or made a forum post saying, "OMG the repair costs are too LOW! Fix it NOW!"

And of all the bugs that exist that make the game suck for people and people complain about, EA "fixed" a "bug" that makes things worse for everybody who plays the PvE game and that nobody in 10+ months ever complained about?

Who at EA is thinking about what they're doing and why they do it and how it affects players and the game? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

It's like they're telling us to GolfTangoFoxtrotOscar. *shrug* Maybe we should.