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To all those who think that people with 63 pieces should have a higher repair cost : sorry but you're WRONG !

Why ? As simple as that :
Daylies in section X, Black Hole or Ilum don't give you more money if you're in 61 or 63's compare to tionese or rakata.

So why on earth do you think that it's fair to have bigger repair bills just because you have 63's ?
it'll lead to the same problem that we're against... you 'll have to grind more than others just to cover your repair cost.
Just make the thing simple : put a fix repair cost based on your level and that's it.

More seriously... the only way to have it fair is if Bioware make all 61 and 63 pieces durability higher than any lower level pieces : so the higher your armor pieces the higher your durability.. and repair bill.

But right now they don't make any difference, or if they do it's broken, on whatever armor pieces you have and all repair bills are way too high.
Should 63's have the same repair cost as 2's? Should campaign gear have the same repair costs the gear you start in? After all, those dailies you mentioned don't give more credits if you're in campaign gear than they would if you were in starting gear.

Repair gear should be based on the level of the gear, not the player. With moddable gear that means it should be based on the level and value of the item modifications, but not the level or value of the shell. Purple 15's should cost more to repair than blue 15's and purple 63's should cost more to repair than purple 61's. It should not cost more to repair a purple campaign shell with all 63's than to repair a level 15 orange shell with those same 63's.