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Considering how the current WRONG version has no cape and has the ring way too low and way too big, I'd rather have the „classic“ – less fugly – version of the armor.
it's not wrong, it's exactly what Revan wears it in game

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Point was, it was passed off as Revan's Robes. the old wrong version. because the person who made the set just copy pasted the investigator's set and pained it in revans colors.

So if it was brought back, it would be "Classic Revan's Robes"
Revan was in the game since the beginning, Investigator's set was brought with f2p, so in fact investigator is just a re-skin of Revan's set. The only problem with Revan's skirt from cartel market was that it had re-colored investigator's skirt instead of actual NPC Revan's skin, which is now fixed, and as long as CM version looks exactly like Revan in game I see no problems with it. I would however like to see an original KOTOR version, but it's probably not gonna happen, not any time soon at least.

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And no i dont think it had a silly ring.
Sigh... I already linked an original set with the ring, but if it's not enough here's another one... I even marked the ring this time...

Also that video you linked is heavily modded, so if some modder decided to remove the ring that does not mean there was no ring.