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02.18.2013 , 05:18 AM | #958
Having had 8 Months away from the game , I'm sure my repair bill is actually lower now than when I stopped playing. I raided regularly, numerous wipes yeah and we paid more for the repairs.

Back then there were fewer dalies to do, but we used to group up as a guild and do a few of the Heroic. Anyone who has gone out and done their dailies as a group will know it can take about 20 minutes to do the whole of Section X!

Guild leaders if you are having problems with Guild funds set up Daily Events in your guild, have groups complete the dailies and have them donate 10% of the Creds earned to the Guild Bank, this will be enough for your repair bills and will create closer ties within your guild.

Instead of moaning People could adapt and work together to over come.

For the People who are going to say I don't get time! you get time to raid so raid with a group a different Daily section every other day, it will be something different ,to the same old raid!