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[Except any competent tank will use DPS armorings/hilt/barrel and power crystals.

A.- Shadows/Assassins aren't the only tanks and B.- it's not a matter of "needing" DPS gear, it's a matter of optimizing stats in situations where extra endurance will do you no good. ]

Those are your words, you said ANY competent tank, Shadow is one of those.

When the extra health goes on cost of shield/absorb/defense (before you hit the wished caps, I don't know what they are for the assa/shadow) then it's doesn't help the healer.
He was talking about using DPS armoring/hilt/barrel and power crystal on a tank. A competent tank doesn't need any DPS gear, and I used the shadow as an example. About the "caps", they are just urban legend for the tanks. The point of gearing a tank is finding a good compromise between the different bosses but, most of the time, gearing for the hardest boss.

Every single boss is different in term of mitigation, and they all have a different BiS stats. Defense, Shield and Absorption are useless against Kephess the Undying but you need them against The Terror From Beyond.