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I may be the only one feeling PVE is getting abit stale , so instead of whining about why PVE is broken or something ,

I'm seeking challenges that would be fun to do PVE since there is no point of getting better gear in full Dread guard.

Post your challenges , whether i succeed or fail I'll still make an effort to try it out.
2 manned SM EV?

Okay that's impressive. Seriously impressive.

Normally my suggestions would be something I might have a chance in heck of doing, but I think I'll have to suggest ones I couldn't do in a million years:

1. 2 Man Snowblind (no companions for unify or Heroic moment)
2. 2 Man Gargath
3. 2 Man Primal Destroyer
4. 2 Man SM Bonethrasher
5. 2 Man SM Foreman Crusher
6. 3 Man SM Xenoanalyst
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