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02.18.2013 , 04:01 AM | #954
I'll be honest, i have not read from the very beginning of this thread but from what i have been reading, it just seems like a lot of back and forth arguing between people who have different play styles and beliefs on how a company should be treating their customers. Now i know i am not the most educated person in this thread but i feel like should voice my concern/opinion to this new repair cost problem.

I was raiding imperial bases out of pure boredom today to take a break from all the daily grinding that this new event/patch has given to the SWTOR community. Ill admit its nice to see new content to work and strive for to increase game activity. It has brought me back to Voss, section X, illum, all these places i don't like visiting and grinding for creds just to make a decent living. I lived off just my PVP and hm dailies thru out the week since that is all i have time for.

But anyways, after silly, fun senseless deaths to put my mind at ease, my repair bill came out to 76k. that's a 50k increase to my usual max of 26k. i don't know if its a bug or not but prices like this has caused a major concern to me. i am a casual player and there are times i like to play by myself. To pay a repair bill like that by myself, that would take a solid 30-45 min of daily grinding just to pay off that price and have a cushion for safety. I only got 2hrs of game play a night, why would i want to spend half of it to just stay ahead of the repair curve?

A solution i will most likely hear from more active players is play another character, stop playing, or deal with it and survive. That is easier to say when you carry 10mil in your pocket, I like the way i was playing the game before the patch and people shouldn't have to constantly shift their gaming tactics just to keep up with the economic curve in this game. everything was working fine before, so why mess that up? I will never be as good or have time to be as good as the hardcore MMO players i play with but changes like this, it makes it almost damn near impossible for the new guys starting out to achieve that kind of economic standing

its really late and I am exhausted and just realizing i am just rambling senselessly. i hope i made some point across that this problem is a bad one and it needs to be fixed.