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02.18.2013 , 03:12 AM | #953
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the problem with your "solution" is that everyone will be stuck wearing the same fugly end game gear that plenty of people hate so much to begin with

Sure it avoids the repair costs, but at the cost of being stuck in fugly gear. I know i worked really hard & spent lots of credits to find gear that i really liked wearing.
Yes, it is definitely not the solution I would prefer.

If Bioware would have just included the enhancements, as they claimed in the patch notes 1.7, repairs would have gone up by only 7-17%. That's the percentage range an enhancement contributes currently to the repair cost.
I think most people would have accepted that.

My solution is a band-aid at best, but at least it allows people to raid and do FPs without the sticker shock.
And you are right, it does come at the sacrifice of how your toon looks.

Alternatively of course, you could keep using your current gear and pay the significant higher repair costs.
Or you could stop PVE, save your credits and hope that BW will fix the problem - which they may or may not do.

Personally, I'm not holding my breath that they ever will.