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Switch to Powertech Pyro. They only need 4 keybinds.
Kinda sad that this isn't even a joke.

I have a Naga (from my WoW times, I don't have any binds on it), it's really nice to have those additional binds. But in SWTOR you don't really need them.
Keys I use are 1-6, Q, E, R, T, F, G, V, S with Shift (everything) and Ctrl (just 1-6) as modifiers.
(W, A, D for moving and the mouse for turning)
Stellt dir mal vor, wenn du Soldat gehst, Jeder Soldat braucht ein paar Gebärdenzeichen ohne Ton!!! Wenn einmal mit Ton oder ansprecht, Die feindliche kann hören, was ist dahintersteckt, dann... Feuer öffnet sich!!!!
Mhm, ich weiss genau was du meinst.