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Also, yeah, people deal with me, infact, we even steal guild members from other guilds.

Why? Because we have common sense and we know how to do things.

We teach others how to play and what they need to pay attention to.

We show them how to max their dps while still having fun and screwing around.

We also have a guild bank with tons of credits and items and crafting mats to help people craft new things.

We supply our own mods too from what we get to new members.

You don't need to believe me, or what anyone says because you live in your own world where everything must be spoon fed to you.

We work to achieve what we have now, we learn things the hard ways and we pay the price. We've ran dailies, heroics, hard modes, story modes, and even nightmare. Why? For the challenge? HA NO. For the loot.

Key word, we worked. MMO is about grinding, not fun. You want fun? Go somewhere else

We don't whine, we laugh it off and yell at ramino for fun (his reactions are the best)

And btw, I am the Guild Leader, and my guildmates love me.
If my guild leader would say something like that , he would not be my guild leader any longer.

I mean, this is ENTERTAINMENT. I pay for this to enjoy it, not to WORK on it. Full stop.
I have other work that I HAVE to do in order to pay my family bills, so I do not see ANY reason to be forced to do the same stuff all over again for months just to have +7 willpower or God Knows What other statistic.

To certain extent people who do those daillies/weeklies constantly must be somehow masochists.

I cannot see any other reason why you would like to do the same stuff over and over again, mindlessly beating the same content forever.

Once you did finished something (i.e. beaten the full op, or FP), got your rewards, you're done.
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