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Edit: still nothing for almost 5 months. BIOWARE...

Unfortunatly Revan's set has had the most amount of bugs. And has been the slowest to be fixed. Revan's story is what brought this game's era to existance through Kotor. I have tried bringing this up before, but it was drowned out when people complained about the classic version of the gear needing to come back in 1.6.2 and I hate to necro old threads. : l
I hope everyone helps support this to fix his set for the last time before Bioware is off to make the future Contraband Packs for the Cartel Market post RotHC.

Update patch 2.0.1 Bioware released Revan's Holostatue which doesn't have the double hood bug like the equipable version does, And at the slight sign of hope, the holostatue also has the old passed off fake version of his lower robe back in when the items were released, and his gloves have that gold thingy in which the actual version doesn't have. >_> Drew K (inventor of Revan, Lead writer of ME1 and Kotor 1) should be riding on a Tauntaun to Bioware Austin saying "Bad, fix!"

Revan's set has had many follys.

Revan's Mask still has clipping issues on some robes still for body type 3. Namely the Phantom Chestpeice.

Revan's Chestpeice. We have had people complain about the lack of hood downs, and the lack of hood ups, but this and the Investigators Chestpeice are the only ones to have an issue with BOTH. Revan's Chestpeice and the Investigators Chestpeice have 2 Hoods. An up Hood, and a down Hood. Including, Revan's Chestpeice became a lighter shade of grey of his robes in 1.6.1 than it was in 1.6.0 Revan's Mask black cover no longer matchs with the rest of the outfit because of this light grey change.

UPDATE3/2/13: Through this picture, You can see how black the Robes USED TO BE in 1.6.0 before they were turned GREY in 1.6.1
Now then, after looking at above. look at the version we have today, Exact same body type, its not revans mask. but its the same model as of 1.7.1

Through this Picture, You see my Jedi. You see the head cover of Revan's Mask no longer matchs the Chestpeice anymore. because the robes became a lighter grey in 1.6.1 than the black it was before 1.6.1 to 1.0
And in this picture, you see they used too.

Through this picture you see Revan's Hood down which shouldn't exist. as it clips and mesh's through the robes.
And on a Body type 3 model

AS OF TODAY 2/17/13 You can still see what Revan's Robes should look like from the back without the hood down mesh cliping bug through theses two pictures from the Foundry.

Revan's Robes are the wrong color on default still after it being graphically fixed way back in 1.6.2.

When they should be this without needing to be unified.

Updated: In this picture you see the Old Revan's Robes item which was passed off as Revan's robes although it was the complete wrong graphic. which were not added to the 1.7 change as "Classic Revan's Robes"

Something as simple as fixing an item's color or removing a should not be clipping mesh.

What should be done:
Fix listed bugs on Revans set above.
Release "Classic Revan's Chestplate" the version seen on Revan in the Maelstrom Prison.
Release "Classic Revan's Robe" the old passed off version of Revan's lower robe even if he never wore it. Because it somewhat matches the Revans Robes version you can get in KOTOR.
Make a Darth Revan Chestplate in the cartel rep vendor with a cape for everyone who wants a bloody cape.
Fix Revans Holostatue's appearance to have the correct lower robe and gloves.
Allow ALL Lore sets to be Dye-able.