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im sorry but that is an extremely dumb way of thinking. (not saying you are dumb)

dev 1: Hey everyone is enjoying sorc

dev 2: yea, but they wont see all the work we have put into another class

dev 1: hey man, great idea, lets nerf sorc

dev 2: but then everyone will play another thing like sentinel or mara

dev 1: ok, then every month we nerf the new fun class!!!!!!

dev 2: then they will keep playing and we will have monies to buy everything
Its overplayed because its overpowered, Its been that way since the beta, During the beta sorcerer/sage was one of only few classes that could complete H4 alone,

With my level 50 sorcerer I can still 2 person heroic 4 thats just insane. She does have good gear but still.

Anyways back to my point , the population on my server is around 75% Sith. I should post some screenshots its

just out of control