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"You are willing to dismiss every single contributor to this forum while simultaneously saying that you are god's gift to TOR? There are plenty of thoughtful discussions of classes, abilities, balance, gearing, general advice, and so on across this forum. Most of the people who post those threads are willing to let their work speak for itself. They do not just accuse the entire forumgoing population of being stupid and ignorant."

I just started using these forums recently. I honestly have not come across many useful threads. I wasn't intending to discount the threads that are useful though. As far as the threads that are updated in the PVP part of the forums, most of them have very little sustenance.
Then you have no right to dismiss other threads just because you have only just recently posted and again you keep avoiding my question but it's okay I will try to couch it in a different way. You seem to be knowledgeable and probably know some things that can be useful. But the way you address things in your previous posts can come across both arrogant and somewhat insulting. All we want to know is what your resume is so to speak. What qualifies you to be a authority . All we want is this and if you provide it in a constructive way I will give you all the time you want and acknowledge your feedback. Again let me reiterate I'm sure we can learn from you but if you changed your approach some what perhaps it will make your message easier to understand.
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As theUndead mentioned, I can't exactly spell out all of our policies in depth, but that should hopefully cover your concerns.