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<Psy-Ops> is currently looking for motivated and driven gamers to join our ranks.

As a guild we focus mainly on progression operations. We also have members who play a lot of PVP as well.

We have numerous ops groups that range from all progression levels. Check our website to see which ops group would be more suitable for you and apply for a possible position. We are 5/5 HM TFB and 4/4 NM EC. With that in mind, we are also looking for experienced players who are willing to lead ops groups. As a guild we also run unscheduled Operations to help newer 50's gear up their characters.

Our Operation group members are eligible for guild repairs, discounted items from our guild bank, and crafted items after an ops run. We use a system for our ops groups called EPGP (Effort points Gear points) to track all of the gear handed out during an ops run.

We run 16 - 24 man World Boss events including Dreadtooth, NiM Pilgrim, and the new Ilum World Bosses (including Xenoanalyst ll) for the World Event.

If you want to run Operations you must have TeamSpeak 3 & Mox Parser because it is MANDATORY for Operations.

We also have a monthly Lottery drawing where members can buy tickets at a set price and have the chance to win credits, and armor modifications.

We are also a crafting guild that can craft all BIS (Best In Slot) gear modifications, and these are the modifications that you can receive at the end of an ops run or if you win the lottery.

We use guild website for absolutely everything guild related. So if you want to be more active in the guild then you must visit the website daily!

If you are interested in joining our family go to our website for more information and how to apply.
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