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Why I think Bioware is taklng their time on this issue.

Basically there is no good solution.
Good for everyone I mean, as we have seen in this thread there are some quite disparate opinions even within the APAC community.

I myself am in the process of changing my mind. After months of firmly believing that an APAC server merge was the best solution I now believe that it wont work. I now think that they should merge APAC into the respective West Coast servers.

Here are my reasons for this change of mind, and why I think this is what Bioware will eventually do.

Firstly, the APAC servers are pitifully underpopulated. even merging them we would barely have 1 complete instance of Rep fleet.

Secondly Bioware are having to pay to support this very very small population and even reducing it to one server (PVE type) still does not change this fact that relatively its tiny and thus the cost vs income equation is not a positive one..

Thirdly by combining the servers some people are not getting what server type they prefer, now of course I have argued and many players have responded that population is more important than server type. Nevertheless some people will not be happy with it, or at least not 100% happy.

Fourthly, People are able to play effectivley on the West Coast servers. Yes its not ideal and yes in pvp and especially ranked pvp it puts APAC players at a disadvantage (IMO). But regardless its playable...not at all ideal but playable, Remember leveling on West Coast servers before APAC servers came online? .Also realise many many APAC players are currently playing on West Coast servers right as I type this.

So in summary I believe they will merge us into the West Coast servers, because its cheaper, we can still play effectively (but not as competively), it ensures a decent population (not having to address this issue ever again has to be on their minds) and we keep our server types.

Why do I agree with this line of thinking?

Because it makes sense, I dont want to have to revisit this issue again in 6-12 months with the APAC server again dying.
Let me be clear, the server ping on APAC servers is outstanding and I LOVE having it and will miss it terribly.
Many APAC players have clearly NOT suported the APAC servers and others having started on APAC servers have for one reason or another abandoned them exacerbating the issue.
You cant force people to roll on APAC nor move to them if transfers are allowed.

In short it makes too much business and gaming sense to Bioware to do anything but merge us with West Coast servers.
And APAC players support of these servers does not warrant a continuation of them.

Sad but true (at least IMO).

In a way I hope Im wrong, but my gut feeling is prepare yourselves for West Coast server merges
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