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Shift/alt/control modifiers for each, put them on the extra action bars. Myself I prefer control/shift modifiers on mouse scroll up down middle tilt left right, left mouse button and dpi switches (g500 mouse), before having to have modifiers on f r q e f g z x c v.

Pretty much required for classes like marauder/sniper/op. Other classes? Not so much. I can play a sorc with just my mouse and modifiers, same with a pyro pt. Sins/shadows are prob right behind marauder/sent/sniper/slinger in buttons needed.

Melee definitely seems to need much more keybindings in this game with the exception of sniper.
You only need about 2.5 bars for most classes. You should be able to get to 30 just with the keys near your fingers and the shift modifier for those keys. A gaming mouse does help but is not needed for this game.