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Some of you will say that " I don't know how stuns work" or , no it's fine. Truth is against a team that knows what they're doing you will not get out of stun before you're dead.
In my opinion a stun that can take you out of the fight for 4 seconds, be it a stun breakable on damage or a hard stun should fill up your white resolve(which should give you 30 seconds). Using a stun breaker should give you 15 seconds immunity.
The thing with this game, you can spam stuns and there are no repercussions. I can spam all my stuns, and I won't suffer any penalties, because I have so much and they are on a low cooldown. Any PvPer can tell you that stuns are out of control, and resolve should revert back to 1.4 (With no team bubble stun). As of right now, resolve doesn't full fast enough and goes down too fast. I have been stunned 12 seconds straight, and my cc breaker was on cooldown because I had to use it 1 minute before to get out of being stunned for 12 seconds straight. Problem is with stuns: Resolve goes down too fast, and doesn't go up fast enough. Not to mention, roots/snare should affect resolve, but not fill it.