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Although I understand what your saying I don't think a immunity from stuns other than high resolve would be appropriate. See any class that has a mixture of CC's and stuns will use them for advantage. Take a Assassin for example I have seen Assassins who sap someone in while in stealth wait for them to break it with a CC breaker then sap them again. The reason for this and people can correct me if i'm wrong but after one is stunned more than once by the same attacker the person they are attacking gets full resolve and thus for a few seconds cannot be stunned again.

However, a good team will also have multiple attackers stun block someone to be able to take them down quickly yes it can be annoying but movement, knowledge of one's class and of the environment it is quite possible to avoid being stunned too much. Also remember that most of the classes have knock backs which can break the line if one is being continuously stunned. In the end some classes I believe are slightly over powered but many of them have tools like roots and push backs which I mentioned earlier which help with stuns.

So yes I understand but if one is knowledgeable then one can deal with any situation including stuns and for this reason I don't think there is a need for a immunity.
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