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The problem is that the source of the imbalance is not bad players or even lack of communication. It isn't even the absence of healers as you earlier suggested . . . it is gear imbalance, plain and simple. Of course, players who enjoy the success of premades would LIKE to believe its because of their superior skill -- social, tactical, strategic, or mastery of their class and understand of other classes -- and thus they come onto this forum and tell everyone to learn2play. But the reality is premades tend to be collections of players whose gear makes them elite, they then band together for the ultimate steroidal power trip. You see another elite player, you invite him to the group, and eventually you have a group of nothing but elite geared players reaping destruction upon anything in their path.

Give everyone the same gear, however, and really the whole phenomena of a group of elite geared players vs poorly geared players goes away, problem solved. Unfortunately, this won't happen because Bioware believes they need to have some system of reward in place so that players feel PvP is worth their time.
The gear imbalance is next to nonexistent at this point. The differences between WH an EWH are extremely small. So the argument that it is a gear issue is a bad one, for the most part. I will say that those that are unwilling to augment their gear bring whatever pain is coming on themselves.

An organized PuG can, and they do, defeat premades all the time. What it takes are players that are willing to communicate, play to the objectives, and show some situational awareness.