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Leveling an assassin, I just realized this. On one hotbar, my left hand can reliably reach 10-12 skills (numbers 1-6, R-F-C-V, Q-E if I remove strafe, etc.).

Is there a way to keybind so that if I hit (and hold) shift, I can have an entirely new menu for the time I am holding shift (and it reverts to hotbar 1 when I let go)? Or do I need to keybind hotbar switches (which I need to hit again to go back to the main bar)?

Any help here appreciated- thanks.
Shift/alt/control modifiers for each, put them on the extra action bars. Myself I prefer control/shift modifiers on mouse scroll up down middle tilt left right, left mouse button and dpi switches (g500 mouse), before having to have modifiers on f r q e f g z x c v.

Pretty much required for classes like marauder/sniper/op. Other classes? Not so much. I can play a sorc with just my mouse and modifiers, same with a pyro pt. Sins/shadows are prob right behind marauder/sent/sniper/slinger in buttons needed.

Melee definitely seems to need much more keybindings in this game with the exception of sniper.
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