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Bartle Types and the Predictability of Ilum Rage

If you watch the forums, this is exactly what has happened. And the flame war that has resulted is a result of the clash of the Killer mindset and the other mindsets. And it's not just the Black Hats; the White Hats, Achievers, Explorers, and Socializers have trouble understanding the other mindsets, too. For the Black Hats, the opportunity for fun is to lay waste to everyone else. For the White Hats, the opportunity for fun is to lay waste to the Black Hats and get good fights from the other White Hats, Achievers, & Explorers who can fend for themselves. The Achiever has some fun in overcoming long odds to succeed, but can get frustrated when they can't succeed at all. The Explorer doesn't have much fun with this sort of activity unless they've also got a strong Killer side. The Socializer's fun is ruined the moment someone interrupts time with their friends (although Socializers with a strong Killer side can have fun banding together with the White Hats to "take back mid!").
This thread by ArdoNorrin is a really interesting breakdown of Bartle's test, how it applies to the Ilum Gree Event, and how all the gaming "archetypes" are currently & could possibly interact with eachother.
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