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Black Talon can be soloed without being a higher level. With my Sorcerer healer and Khem Val, I did it at lvl 10 without exceptional gear. Doing that can be tricky though on the last two bosses, as it required toggling "passive mode" on and off to get Khem Val to move out of AoE's
I know Hammer Station can be soloed without being too high a level. I did it at level 19 with no wipes, but that was with using a lvl 50 alt to get both my sorcerer and khem val orange gear with good mods (including the +41 Endurance Cartel Market color crystals ). I haven't tried soloing anything higher than Hammer Station, because I just did that one as an experiment and don't feel like spending the credits upgrading all those mods. In the future once I have more alts and have a much higher presence bonus from completed companions in different classes, I'll probably experiment with low-level soloing again, but that would be pretty far in the future...

cool...i forgot where you go for this one though...any ideas?