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I'm gonna have to do the list, aren't I? What is this, the fifth time?

Yoda- too many impressive skills and powers to count, not to mention being the second most powerful Jedi ever.
Mace Windu- Mastered the seven forms and developed Vaapad, the form he used to defeat Darth Sidious
Plo Koon- Master of Djem So, Alter Environment, Electric Judgment, and several Baran Do techniques (of the Hassat-dur family)
Ki-Adi Mundi- Master of Ataru and incredibly skilled with Force Healing, in addition to his heightened reflexes (heightened for a Jedi to boot).
Kit Fisto- Master of Shii-Cho, which he coupled with Force speed to make him so fast that even Obi-Wan Kenobi could barely see him. Able to defeat General Grievous with relative ease.
Anakin Skywalker- the Chosen One. Nuff said?
Obi-Wan Kenobi- The Master of Soresu, able to compete with the Chosen One in battle
Cin Drallig- Jedi Battlemaster, mastering six forms and having great knowledge of the seventh form.

Forgetting a few, but the point being, you severely underestimate the Jedi Order.

Edit: You're going to say the list is pointless, aren't you? That makes me
OMG! Aurbere! Cin Drallig has appeared in TCW!

Though to add, Cin was also adept in Force Speed.

Now to go watch the TCW episode...
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