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My point is that the jedi in the movies timeline are relatively weak ,not that Maglus is powerful.Ok Kit fisto is one of the best swordsmen in the Jedi Order.Imagine how terrible the jedi must be during his time,for him to be one of the best swordsmen.My conclusion is drawn from what i see in wookiepedia and when i saw him in episode 2,not to mention 3 when he died.
Not 'point' - misguided opinion. For one we barely see him in Attack of the Clones, and he dies in Revenge of the Sith so quickly because Sidious is just that good - not because Kit Fisto is weak. And if you actually read Wookieepedia you would also understand that the Jedi had experienced a Golden Age of peace in which they became exponentially more powerful as Jedi thrive in peaceful conditions. So PQ Jedi > OR Jedi.