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Sorry to break it to you but Kit Fisto and the others in that scene are pathetic.Malgus would have killed them in a matter of seconds also.
You have no evidence to support this whatsoever. Hence the brevity of your reply.

Kit Fisto was considered to be one of the best swordsmen in the Jedi Order, and mastered Shii-Cho - he was also on the Jedi High Council, an honor reserved only for the most powerful Jedi.

Agen Kolar was also a master lightsaber duelist as was Saesee Tiin - both were Jedi Masters on the Jedi High Council. Sidious sent all these guys to there graves in a matter of seconds. Malgus couldn't even handle a trooper with a detonator.

But I figure your holding back on your arguments and are about to blow me away with a devastatingly powerful response backed with evidence, examples, quotes and a few stats thrown in their for the sake of it. Here goes, I'm ready...