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02.17.2013 , 11:07 AM | #17
Just got mind maze and dark ward at level 20. That'll help a bunch. I don't think aoe taunt comes til level 28-ish. I totally get that as the tank even if I'm not the 1 who messes up it's my job to get us through it. Unless of course a DPS keeps pulling the mobs, then I sit back and let em die so they learn not to do that. I have a 50 guardian that I tank endgame with, so I'm not new to the tank aspect. A lot of people suggest to level as DPS to 50 cause it's quicker, but I disagree with this, as you will be a better tank at 50 if you level as one. The 1-49 is a learning phase for sure. Thanks for all the feedback, even if you disagree with me.