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02.17.2013 , 10:42 AM | #7
I've done 16 hm as a dps where we kited them around and burned them down 1 at a time. And I've done it on 16 man hm tanking it with my guardian where we stacked them up and burned em faster with aoe attacks, while I popped any cooldowns and was spam healed through it. Both worked. The stacking is faster and better in my opinion, but only if your tank saves a few cooldowns and all of your heals spam him/her. Also, any marauders pop a bloodthirst and a sniper pops their damage reduction dome. The 2nd add phase is a huge team effort, where every class needs to pop their specific abilities that help reduce damage taken and/or put out more damage. About 7-10 seconds into it all dps/heals should also pop their threat dump, as the aoe taunt will have worn off.