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With the introduction of the Rule of Two,the sith become something of an illuminati conspiracy.Secret society composed of two members,manipulating galactic events untill they destroy the jedi and create a new galactic order.
I think the question whether or not the Rule of Two is ''kind of stupid'' is irrelevant. It is the natural evolution of the sith order .Kaan's sith would have lost the war against the Army of Light anyway.What Bane did is perfectly natural and you can find strong arguments for it in the context of Bane's era.

Personally i like the Sith more ,when they were a nation and a race as it is in Marka Ragnos Empire and a rulling class theocracy in the successor empire we have in this game.Not a secret cult.
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I think the Sith Empire we have in this game could have had a somewhat a successful future,if the circumstances were not against it.More specificaly this sith empire HAS to lose,because there is already established lore going 3700 years ahead.
If the Star Wars franchise started with the old sith empire,and not with the movies,and the galactic history after the Second Great Galactic War was blank spot , i can't see any reason this empire being destroyed completely and vanish.