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Oh, my mistake. But Sidious is a Dark Jedi and could of made Letta think he was a Jedi (Though he is a sith lord.)

And I just had thoughts of a chance of it being General Skywalker possibly, because he has used Force Choke before as seen in a episode a while back he used Force Choke on Gunray to get Gunray to tell him something which I forgot. Though, I don't know why he would Force Choke Letta, but who knows.
Hmmm, I get the feeling the writers were making it look like it was Anakin, but then revealed it was not when they showed Anakin was not actually there... interesting thought though, who's to say the person who force choked Letta is the same one who helped Ashoka escape? Doesn't that seem counter intuitive? The person who choked Letta obviously wanted to keep something from Ashoka, while making it look like her to remove her from the picture. So why then would this person then help her escape? And go to such lengths to further make Ashoka look guilty?

I highly doubt this person could possibly have masterminded the whole thing, from the Jedi Temple sabotage, to framing Ashoka... Maybe Ashoka just got in the way and framing her was a means of taking her out, but again, why not just stop with her imprisonment? Why let her escape and frame her for more murders?

So this is the way I see it. This 'person' - possibly a Jedi - orchestrated the attack on the Temple. Letta attempted to tell Ashoka, the only Jedi she could trust, who this person was. The person, wishing it to remain a secret, silenced Letta and framed Ashoka. However another individual (possibly Ventress) seeking for some reason to undermine this person, helped Ashoka to escape, killing the guards not to frame her, but to stop them preventing her escape.

But why free Ashoka? She doesn't actually know anything. Well I remembered what Tarkin said, that the sound of the recording had been tampered with, so only Ashoka knows that Letta was working for a Jedi. And maybe this other person needs Ashoka to convince the Jedi. Just a theory, but I think there could be two people involved in this.